Why it matters: Ethereum's success directly impacts the PC gaming industry as high-end video cards like those from AMD and Nvidia are coveted for their high hash rates. This increased, unexpected demand would be an issue during normal times. In the middle of a global chip shortage where console makers, smartphone manufacturers and video card makers are all vying for a limited supply of silicon, and scalpers are buying up every last drop of hardware that does hit the market to flip for a huge profit, it becomes clear just how wide reaching the problem is.

PC gaming enthusiasts hoping cryptomining enthusiasts would soon lose interest in Ethereum are seemingly in for more of the same as the booming cryptocurrency platform has continued to set and subsequently break all-time high value records over the past month.

As of this writing, a single Ether is trading at $3,469.92, up 9.52 percent over 24 hours and 362.26 percent on the year.

On the flip side, those who got involved with Ethereum in the very early days - either through direct crypto purchases or mining - and managed to hold on to their coins over the years are no doubt elated by Ethereum's recent success.

For now, it would seem that gamers' best course of action is to play the waiting game and keep checking retailers for those rare stock drops. eBay is always there if you absolutely must have a new card, but expect to pay a hefty premium.

Image credit archy13