What just happened? Finishing Grand Theft Auto V's main campaign is a lengthy endeavor, requiring at least 30 hours if you're not interested in doing and seeing everything. But one speedrunner has managed it in just 9 hours. What's even more amazing is that he never took a single bit of damage. The feat has not been without controversy, however.

As reported by Kotaku, UnNameD became the first person to complete a One Hit KO (OHKO) run on GTA V using utilized strategies. A mod was installed that kills the player if a single point of damage is received, thereby ensuring his claim was genuine. It took 48 attempts to complete the campaign successfully, and you can watch the whole thing in the three embedded videos, assuming you have a spare nine hours.

The run hasn't been without controversy, not that anyone's arguing about its legitimacy. Another speedrunner, DarkViperAU, had been trying to become the first person to OHKO run GTA V since early last year and recently uploaded his 27th attempt.

As per PC Gamer, a Reddit post displays a now-deleted comment from DarkViper that claims he shared strategies on how to complete the OHKO run publicly, while other speedrunners refused to do the same. "The result was that anyone running alongside me was getting far more information about what was needed to be done and what was needed to be avoided," he wrote. "They additionally had a rich foundation to build off for their runs, something I lacked when I started, meaning anyone who begun later was far ahead compared to where I was when I began."

UnNameD says he never intended to beat his fellow OHKO speedrunner to the punch and claims he did attempt to share some strategies with DarkViper but received no reply. He's now been banned from DarkViper's Discord channel.