In brief: Humble Bundle is moving forward with a controversial change to its funding format that has some gamers up in arms. In short, the company will soon be taking a mandatory 15-30 percent cut of sales off the top, but gamers will still be able to allocate the remaining funds as they see fit.

From the beginning, Humble Bundle has allowed buyers to dictate how their payment amount gets distributed between publishers, charities and Humble itself. But back in April, the company quietly started experimenting with removing the charity slider. The move outraged gamers and publishers alike, and prompted Humble to backtrack a month later and reinstate the slider for all.

In a recent blog post, Humble revealed that it’ll be rolling out a new iteration of sliders in mid-July. In short, Humble will soon keep between 15 percent and 30 percent of proceeds; the remaining funds can be divvied up by the buyer as they see fit.

Up to this point, buyers have had the option to lower Humble’s cut to zero.

According to Humble, significant changes in the PC storefront landscape since bundles first launched in 2010 necessitated the move, “and we have to continue to evolve with it to stay on mission.”

"The change to sliders lets us continue to invest in more exciting content so we can keep growing the Humble community which will ultimately drive more donations for charitable causes. We’ll also continue to create more ways to give back such as with our 100% to charity bundles."

Worth mentioning is the fact that Humble Bundle was acquired by IGN Entertainment, a subsidiary of Ziff Davis, in 2017 for an undisclosed sum. In 2019, Humble Bundle co-founders John Graham and Jeff Rosen exited.

To date, Humble Bundle is approaching $200 million in charitable donations.

Image credit Casimiro PT