New Linux version expected in December, will be "much more stable".

After an onslaught of complaints, Dell has stopped routing corporate customers to a technical support call center in Bangalore, India.

Using 65-nm design rules, Intel announced that it has made fully functional 4-Mbit SRAMs with a cell size of 0.57 microns2 — small enough to maintain Moore's Law of density doubling every two years.

iTunes DRM hacking, from the same Norwegian programmer who distributed the first widely used tool for cracking the copy protection technology found on DVDs.

Strong demand for digital cameras and an unexpected surge in sales of new removable storage devices for personal computers have led to a shortage of flash memory.

Your next battery: Scientists are scrambling to perfect the fuel cell as a methanol-powered source for energy-hungry laptops and other portable devices.

Microsoft is retiring NetMeeting online conferencing application and instead will push Office Live Meeting, formerly known as PlaceWare, for online meetings.