Bottom line: BMW is removing touchscreen functionality from the infotainment systems on some of its vehicles due to the ongoing chip shortage. The impacted models will still have an infotainment system, but it'll have to be navigated using the iDrive controller located on the center console.

News of the change first broke on BMW enthusiast forum Bimmerfest. According to the original poster, the following models will be impacted:

  • G20 3 Series
  • G22 / G23 4 Series Coupes and Convertibles
  • G26 4 Series Gran Coupe (excluding i4)
  • G29 Z4
  • G05 / G06 / G07 (all variants)

The poster said affected models will carry the option code 6UY "Deletion of Touchscreen," and that buyers will have to sign a form acknowledging the missing feature. A $500 credit will also be applied to all vehicles that come without touchscreen functionality.

BMW confirmed the news as accurate to Edmunds, further telling the publication that the measure was the result of industry-wide supply chain issues that are affecting automakers worldwide and causing limitations on the availability of some features or options.

Would this be a deal breaker for you? Personally, I dislike touchscreens as I'm averse to fingerprints and smudges and am perfectly happy with controlling stuff using buttons or dials. Then again, dropping serious money on a brand new BMW only for it not to work as it was designed would be painful, and I don't think a $500 credit would help me sleep any better at night.