In brief: Towards the end of last month, serious security vulnerabilities came to light in the PC versions of FromSofware's Dark Souls games. After taking down their multiplayer servers, publisher Bandai Namco announced this week that it would take at least until the end of February to investigate the issue.

On Wednesday, the official Dark Souls Twitter account announced that the PvP servers for all three Dark Souls games on PC won't come back online until after its upcoming follow-up, Elden Ring. The developer doesn't yet have a schedule for when Dark Souls will be back online.

The announcement also says Elden Ring may also have the same vulnerability that led to the Dark Souls server shutdown. The developers are currently investigating the matter, but so far, Bandai Namco is still committed to launching Elden Ring on February 25.

In January, news spread about an exploit that let hackers perform remote code execution on players they encounter in the Dark Souls games. Even after FromSoftware took down the servers to investigate, VGC reported that the company may have known about this and other vulnerabilities since 2019.

The Blue Sentinel mod has proven to protect against hacks in Dark Souls, and a version is in the works for Elden Ring. Developers also use Easy Anti-Cheat in Elden Ring, but it may not stop the most determined and experienced hackers.