In a nutshell: Sony is sending gamers on what amounts to a global Easter egg hunt for the opportunity to win a PlayStation 5. Dubbed Treat Codes, the promotion involves 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs that are hidden for users to find. They can be in the real world or online, with Sony suggesting checking out sporting events, games, films, music and of course, social media.

When you find a code, enter it on the Treat Codes page on the PlayStation website then answer a question and you're set.

There will be 14 codes in total - presumably one new code each day. Each code and submitted answer is good for one entry. The competition ends on March 7, and you'll need a PlayStation Network account to participate.

Sony has come up with a fun promotion, even if it is a little tone deaf. Chip shortages, production issues, scalpers and retailers' insistence on not selling consoles in stores have all contributed to the mess we find ourselves in where it's nearly impossible to purchase a system at MSRP.

While a distraction from the frustration and a neat throwback to early PlayStation ads where Sony hid codes in its commercials, this wild goose chase for two dozen consoles isn't going to move the needle either way. I suspect many would rather see Sony focus on boosting production and working with retailers to convince them to bring consoles back to in-store shelves.