USB Flash drive makers have formed an alliance in order to better promote the media which sold about 5 million units last year and roughly 30 million this year, not like they are needing the extra publicity, or do they? Right now I'm testing Verbatim's Store-n-go 512mb flash drive and I must say it works like a charm.

Microsoft will retire several of its products next week, including Windows 98 and SQL Server 7, to comply with a court order related to its dispute with Sun Microsystems over Java.

Taiwan’s mobo shipments drop 10-15% in November; graphics card sales on the rise.

NEC Recalls Laser Printers - Overheating problem could cause a fire, company says.

In a rare police crackdown on Internet file-sharing, two Japanese men were arrested for allegedly disseminating movies and games with software that claimed to protect users' identities.

Intel launches Itanium 2 trial.

Microsoft Designs Your Digital World - Smart phones, SPOT watches will offer seamless computing, company says.