Editor's take: LimeWire, the former peer-to-peer file sharing client that gained notoriety during the MP3 era alongside running mates like Napster and Kazaa, is back from the grave as an NFT marketplace. While some will likely get a kick out of the nostalgia play, others would no doubt have preferred to let sleeping dogs lie.

LimeWire - the P2P service - shut down more than a decade ago but last year, Austrian brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr purchased the company's intellectual property and assets with the goal of relaunching the platform.

The new LimeWire will land as a digital collectibles marketplace for art and entertainment in May 2022. The marketplace will initially focus on music, allowing users to create, buy and trade NFT collectibles.

The revival will partially be funded by the launch of a LimeWire token that'll first be offered to strategic partners ahead of a private token sale next month and a public token sale in the fourth quarter.

LimeWire debuted way back in 2000 and became a leading P2P client, focusing largely on digital music distribution. The legal system caught up to LimeWire and most of its cohorts, forcing them out of business. Subscription-based streaming services like Spotify would eventually step in to fill the void, proving that consumers were willing to pay for media if it was easily attainable and at a fair price.

Interested parties can join a waitlist over on LimeWire's website to be among the first to get a LimeWire NFT.