Bottom line: A new report claims that Apple's Safari web browser currently has over 1 billion users on both mobile and desktop. Meanwhile, Chrome is reportedly used by over 3.3 billion users, meaning that over 40% of the world population prefers Google's web browser.

According to a new study by Atlas VPN, Apple's Safari web browser just passed the 1 billion user mark, making it the second browser ever to achieve this feat.

The Atlas VPN team reached these statistics by taking the total number of internet users, which is currently estimated to be over 5.2 billion, and dividing it based on GlobalStats' browser market share percentages. It's also worth noting that these numbers include both desktop and mobile users.

Safari comes as the default browser on most of Apple's devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Nonetheless, today's achievement remains impressive considering that the browser isn't available on Android or Windows (Apple stopped developing the Windows version a decade ago), the two most popular operating systems.


Meanwhile, Google Chrome has a whopping 3.3 billion users worldwide, remaining by far the most popular web browser, a title it inherited in 2012 from Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge takes third place with over 212 million users. The browser has slowly been gaining ground since becoming Chromium-based in 2019. Rounding out the list is Firefox with 179 million, Samsung Internet with 149 million, and Opera with 108 million users.

In related news, the EU might have something to say about Apple requiring third-party web browsers on iOS to use the WebKit engine, the same as Safari.