In brief: Diablo Immortal, which Metacritic users continue to rank as the worst game of all time, is making at least $1 million per day for Blizzard and brought in almost $50 million during its first post-launch month.

According to data from AppMagic published by, Diablo Immortal had generated $48.9 million by day 30 after it launched on June 2. That's what went to Blizzard; it doesn't include the 30% commission taken by Apple and Google, so the actual amount people spent on the game in this period would have been even higher.

Diablo Immortal also managed to rack up 10 million downloads in its first month, though it should be noted that most of these came in its first four days after launch---downloads declined quite sharply after that initial period. Revenue income peaked on June 11 when Diablo Immortal made $2.4 million, but even today, the game is making more than $1 million daily.

For comparison, Apex Legends Mobile generated $11.6 million for EA in the first 30 days, though Respawn Entertainment's game was downloaded 21.8 million times.

Last month brought news that Diablo Immortal had earned over $24 million in its first two weeks despite having the lowest user score for a PC game (0.3) in Metacritic history. It still holds that unwanted title, sitting at number 12,490 in the user rankings.

While many people have hailed Diablo Immortal as a pretty good mobile title, the caveat is a microtransaction model that is almost unprecedented in its aggressiveness. It had been estimated that fully upgrading a character would cost around $100,000, but the actual amount is now thought to be about $300,000 to $600,000.