In brief: Alienware's 480Hz monster wasn't the only new gaming laptop Dell released this week. The company's G series gained a 16-inch variant that features the latest hardware in a slightly more affordable package. This new Dell G16 is mostly the same as the G15, just with more pixels.

The main showpieces among Dell's new gaming laptops this week were Alienware's new RTX 3080-powered models with bleeding-edge 480Hz screens. However, the company has also started shipping a mid-level option sitting between the 15-inch G series notebooks and Alienware's 17-inch beast.

Previous Dell G15 systems all featured 16:9 1080p screens at 120Hz or 165Hz, but the new G16 raises that to a 16:10 2560 x 1600 at 165Hz. Elsewhere, the new model retains the same combination of a 12th-gen Intel processor and Nvidia RTX Ampere graphics.

While the G15s let users pick between the latest Ryzen and Intel CPUs, the G16 only comes with an i7-12700H at 4.7GHz for now. The choices for GPU are either an RTX 3050 Ti or RTX 3060 and on the storage front, a 512GB or 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD. All models come with 16GB of 4800 MHz DDR5 RAM on two 8GB sticks. Prices range from $1,400 to $1,600.

All the current Dell G series notebooks could be good choices for mid-range laptop gaming at high refresh rates, with the G16 trading some performance for better image quality.