In brief: A new horror game on Steam challenges players to complete the game before asking for a refund. Indie developer Sungame Studio published the game on Valve's popular storefront on Friday. In Refund Me If You Can, you play as a girl named Sarah who is trapped in a nightmare and being chased by a monster. The only way to wake her from her hellish slumber is to successfully navigate a maze featuring more than 100 different paths.

Only one path leads to salvation, the game's description reads.

The real kicker is right in the game's name. Its creator challenges players to complete the game before asking for a refund on Steam. As you may know, Valve allows gamers to request a refund for nearly any reason so long as the request is made within two weeks of purchase and you've logged less than two hours of playtime.

"When playing this game, you agree to finish it before asking for a refund, unless you are a coward."

System requirements are low enough that you should be able to run the game on virtually any system made in the last decade.

The refund angle is clever. As for the game itself, it sounds a bit rough around the edges. Kotaku's Claire Jackson reported running into a handful of invisible walls while traversing a dungeon-like environment.

Refund Me If You Can costs $3.99 (assuming you don't ask for your money back). At that price, it's not exactly going to break buyers if they are unsuccessful in their "handshake" agreement.