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Stardew Valley's long-anticipated 1.6 update breaks own Steam records

Modders should check the provided compatibility list
Highly anticipated: Stardew Valley has remained popular since its initial release in 2016, but this week's 1.6 update has sparked more interest in the game than ever before. Its massive changelog describes several added features, lists dozens of adjustments, and confirms a fan theory.
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Limited-time Homeworld 3 demo headlines 2024's first Steam Next Fest

Highly anticipated: With the first mainline Homeworld title in two decades shipping in about a month after suffering two delays, Blackbird Interactive has released a public demo, which has become one of the most popular items in the year's first Steam Next Fest. Hundreds of other titles also have temporary demos this week.
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Pokémon-style survival RPG Palworld sells 6 million copies in first 4 days

Why it matters: Palworld, a new Early Access survival title that let's players tame and train Pokémon-like creatures, has topped the Steam Top Sellers chart, shifting 5 million copies in its first 4 days of release. Time may tell, but currently it seems to be more than just hype, the game has already amassed over 57 reviews and sits at "Very Positive" on Steam. At the time of writing, 93% of all reviews posted are positive.