In brief: Smartphones, handheld game consoles and even laptops have made it possible to play high-end games from virtually anywhere. Still, some desire outrageously impractical purpose-built machines to accomplish similar tasks. This is one such story.

YouTuber Basically Homeless recently transformed a toilet into a gaming PC, that way he can "just sit there and go potty whilst gaming."

He started by cutting a giant hole in a porcelain toilet tank to create a window because what good is a gaming PC (or a toilet) without a window to see what's inside. The tank was divided into two sections, one to house the PC components and the other for the actual toilet components and water. A single exhaust fan was added to the lid of the tank.

The gaming PC consists of an Intel Core i7-12700 CPU mounted to an MSI Z690I Unify mini-ITX motherboard alongside 64GB of G.Skill Trident Z5 RAM and an Asus Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 video card. Micro Center, the sponsor of the build, also sent over a 240Hz MSI Optix monitor.

For some inexplicable reason, Nick didn't test for leaks prior to installing the PC hardware and predictably, the divider leaked. But no worries, Flex Seal to the rescue! After draining the water and removing some of the "flushy parts," liquid rubber sealant was generously applied. That managed to do the trick and voila, it now worked.

It's an interesting conversation piece albeit a bit rough around the edges. I can't help but wonder what happened when cutting the top fan hole, and having tank water that close to the PC components without any additional compartmentalization feels like a moisture-related disaster waiting to happen. How long will the PC components last in such a damp environment? I'm also curious about how effective the toilet is with roughly half as much water as normal.

Have you ever built an impractical PC like this? I once constructed a PC that I could use while lying in bed, only to be hit with the realization that laptops already existed and I'd wasted a lot of time.

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