Highly anticipated: Users waiting to benchmark Street Fighter 6 on their PCs or get a headstart on building an avatar for use in the PC and Xbox versions can do so now. The free demo contains two characters, some tutorials, and a taste of the World Tour story mode.

Players can download the free demo for Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter 6 on Steam and the Xbox Store. The demo initially launched last week on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but expanded to PC and Xbox Series consoles today.

Unlike the previous closed betas, the Street Fighter 6 demo will likely remain available indefinitely, as Capcom doesn't mention an end date. Although it doesn't contain the online Battle Hub, it will give a thorough feel for the fighting system in a few other modes.

The demo allows players to select between two playable characters – Ryu and Luke. Users can play traditional offline one-on-one battles with another human player or a bot. The trial also previews the new Extreme Battle mode, which adds stage gimmicks and special win conditions to matches. Two stages are available in the demo – the training room and Genbu Temple.

Players less familiar with Street Fighter or those who want to hone their skills can try the tutorials and guides. The tutorials run beginners through the game's three control styles:

  • The traditional six-button layout,
  • The new three-button "modern" layout (makes executing special moves easier),
  • The super-accessible auto-combo "dynamic" style.

The character guides run players through the unique aspects of each character.

Additionally, the demo contains an early portion of the World Tour story mode, where players build avatars while exploring the game world and fighting other characters. Although World Tour progress from the demo doesn't carry into the game, avatars do, so long as users keep their save files and play the full release on the same platform.

Capcom also published PC system requirements for Street Fighter 6, which are on par with many recent releases. The minimum specs list an Intel Core i5-7500 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 CPU, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 580 GPU, 8GB of system RAM, and 4GB of VRAM. The game recommends an i7 8700 or Ryzen 5 3600, an RTX 2070 or RX 5700XT, 16GB of system RAM, and 6GB of VRAM.

The system spec list doesn't indicate expected resolutions or graphics settings, but 60fps is always the target framerate for fighting games. The requirements apply to the demo, but the final game specs could change before release.

Street Fighter 6 launches Friday, June 2, on Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series consoles.