The SID Display Week 2023 exhibit from TCL CSOT included six displays that try to push the envelope of screen technology in different areas. Among them are two massive 8K high-refresh-rate monitors, two high-end VR displays, a new flexible OLED, and a sizable automotive panel.

One of the company's new screens combines multiple cutting-edge technologies: a 65-inch 8K 120Hz foldable OLED display. Based on indium gallium zinc oxide thin-film transistors and ink-jet printing technology, the company claims it's the industry's largest foldable OLED. The super-thin screen can push 33 million pixels per frame, bends to under R25mm, and has a 100,000-bend lifetime.

Another flexible OLED the company showcased is the first ultra-narrow screen in that category and the first low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) ultra-narrow flexible AMOLED. The mobile device display features a four-sided 0.9mm array panel frame, a four-sided 1.6mm module frame, a 0.3mm O-cut array border, and a 0.36mm module border. The high-touch-report-rate screen supports variable refresh rates between 1H and 240Hz for efficient power consumption, 1,920Hz PWM dimming technology, and a C7 organic light emitter for more realistic colors.

TCL's other beast-size 8K display is a 57-inch 240Hz curved ultrawide. Bending to 1,000R, the monitor offers users a 32:9 aspect ratio and a 7,680 x 2,160 screen resolution. Technically this makes only the horizontal resolution 8K, with the overall pixel count being half that of true 8K.

The esports-ready offering closely resembles the Odyssey Neo G9, which Samsung unveiled in January. That monitor is also 57 inches, 8K, 32:9, and 240Hz with the same pixel resolution as TCL's competitor. Neither panel has a confirmed price, but Samsung's is meant to succeed the $2,500 49-inch variant, so expect to pay at least that much.

Additionally, the company demonstrated two high-end VR displays. Both try to eliminate the screen-door effect with a 1,512 pixel-per-inch display density, which TCL says is the world's highest for any mass-produced device. One is a Mini LED with an RGB 2,280 x 2,280 resolution (presumably per eye, but TCL doesn't specify) supporting 120Hz and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The other is an LTPO realRGB LCD with 4K resolution for both eyes (presumably combined).

A 47.5-inch ultrawide curved pillar-to-pillar display for vehicle dashboards also joined TCL's exhibit. The entire 1.4m (55-inch) length of the 4,200R 8K screen is touch-sensing, enabling simultaneous operation by the driver and co-driver. A Mini LED backlight provides over 3,000 local dimming zones.