WTF?! As one of the most beloved PC games of the last two decades, Half-Life 2 has received an innumerable amount of mods and conversions. Users have strived to enhance its graphics, add virtual reality support, introduce ray tracing, and build custom episodes. One modder even replaced all of the game's audio with his own voice. However, transforming Valve's classic into a Lego game is an innovation we haven't seen before.

A recently launched free mod for Garry's Mod allows users to play Half-Life 2 from start to finish with all characters presented as Legos. While it doesn't incorporate the building mechanics from official Lego games (which would be fitting for Garry's Mod), it offers an amusing way to revisit the seminal FPS.

Prolific Source engine modder "No Dave or Daniel" released a set of items on Steam Workshop that replace every Half-Life 2 character model with a Lego figure. This includes Gordon Freeman, the entire main cast, all enemies, and citizens of City 17. While most of the mod is new, it incorporates components from earlier mods like a customizable third-person camera and an effect that causes characters to drop Lego studs when defeated for an extra comedic effect.

Those trying out Lego Half-life 2 should note that it only replaces character models, leaving environments unchanged. Due to the Lego figures' cartoonish proportions, the conversion causes the game to look like a world full of only little people. Furthermore, the first-person camera remains at its original height, enhancing the absurdist presentation.

The modder mainly builds characters, models, and maps for Source engine games like Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead 2, and Team Fortress 2.

Other recent popular Garry's Mod items include a fully functional port of Tetris, hand animations for the highly-regarded virtual reality conversion, and a recreation of the popular new Doom map MyHouse.wad.

The main Half-Life titles have also received impressive mods over the last year. A conversion that overhauls the 1998 original with real-time path tracing launched in February, and one is in development for the sequel.

Half-Life 2 and both of its add-on episodes recently became fully playable in VR, and a fan campaign is now available for Valve's VR follow-up Half-Life: Alyx. Furthermore, that title is now playable in its entirety without a VR headset thanks to a mod.