Something to look forward to: How do you make Baldur's Gate 3, a cRPG that has been crowned the greatest PC game ever by two aggregator sites, even better? Release patches with over 1,000 fixes and tweaks, as well as some new features that have come from requests by players, that's how.

Larian founder and CEO Swen Vincke posted a current roadmap/list for Baldur's Gate 3. No dates were given, but the plan is a) Hotfix 4, b) Patch 1 (+1000 fixes and tweaks), and c) Patch 2. Vincke notes that Patch 2 will incorporate some player requests.

One of the player requests we'll most likely see will be the ability to customize how your characters look mid-game rather than it being limited to the character creation process. Larian's director of publishing Michael Douse hinted that the feature was already in development. We also know that Larian is working on a patch that includes the missing credits for localization translators.

Before the first patch with the 1,000+ fixes and tweaks arrives, the fourth hotfix for Baldur's Gate 3 will be released. The previous three have addressed crashes, bugs, a dice-rolling issue, infinite loops, and other problems. Expect more of the same in hotfix 4, which went live a few hours ago but was rolled back by Larian after it was found to cause new crashes.

All current and future improvements and new features will be present in the PlayStation 5 version of Baldur's Gate 3 that lands on September 6, the same day that Starfield launches – the PC version was moved forward to avoid clashing with Bethesda's space RPG. Those waiting for the Xbox version might not get the chance to play it until sometime next year.

Following news that Baldur's Gate 3's Steam concurrent player counts had beaten top hits like Valheim and Apex Legends just days after launch, it claimed the honor of becoming the best-rated PC game of all time on both Metacritic and Opencritic – and, in the case of the latter, the best game ever on all platforms. It's also the highest-scoring game ever (97) in the 30-year history of PC Gamer UK. For the publication's US version, it's the highest-scoring game in 16 years, with only Half-Life 2 and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri having scored higher with 98.