Reviewers Liked

  • Compact, Built-in EVF and flash, Tilting touch screen, Quick autofocus, 8,6fps continuous shooting with large buffer, 30fps 4K Photo mode, 5-axis image stabilization, 4K video capture, Wi-Fi
  • Comfortable, smaller design than Panasonic's previous releases. The absence of an antialiasing filter means more detail is squeezed out of the same sensor. RAW performance is on par with Panasonic's larger sensors. At $700 for the body, a nice lowercost M
  • It delivers excellent photo and video for a Micro Four Thirds camera, especially at its price, plus a great feature set and fast performance
  • Excellent still and 4K video quality, No noticeable signs of shutter shock, Depth from Defocus AF system offers good depth and subject tracking, Tiltable LCD with excellent touch features and implementation, Dual I.S. combines 5axis inbody and inlens shak

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The aging electronic viewfinder is one of the worst on the market. Overaggressive noise reduction can lead to a loss of detail in highISO JPGs. Kit lens isn't worth the moneyjust buy the camera body on its own. No mic input jack makes it less useful to vi
  • The continuous autofocus occasionally fails to lock at all in burst mode, and the batter life is poor
  • Field sequential electronic viewfinder can be distracting to use due to 'color tearing' 16:9 EVF is awkward when shooting in native 4:3 stills aspect ratio, Back control dial feels too small, Position of on/off switch is awkward, Simplistic Auto ISO impl