Editors Liked

  • Price, Easy installation, Toolless mechanisms, Still able to hide cables on the backside of the case
  • Low price tag, Great design, GPU support up to 310mm, Cooling upgrade ability,  
  • Modest price for a unique design, SSD sleds are separate from hard drive ones
  • Rigid build quality and design. great toolless functionality throughout, easy to clean, good amount of space behind motherboard tray, many fan accommodations

Editors Didn't Like

  • Only one fan included, You have to remove to front bezel to install an optical drive
  • Limited cable management possibility, Only one fan included, No AIO 240 support, Misplaced window
  • Cable-management space a little tight, Only two of three 5.25-inch drive bays usable, Tight fit for enthusiast parts, Just one fan included
  • No grommets on cable routes, limited tiedowns, unusable cable route near I/O panel, expansion covers not reusable