Reviewers Liked

  • USB 3.0 Type-C Port, Two included 140mm LED fans, Huge acrylic window for a great inside view, One 5.25-inch ODD bay, Two hidden 2.5-inch drive mounts at the rear, Excellent cooling and hardware compatibility
  • Two 140 mm LED fans included, Shroud to cover PSU and 3.5" bays, Can hold 280 mm thick radiator in the ceiling, Can hold 240 mm radiator in front, External 5.25" drive bay, USB Type-C connector, Plenty of space for large graphics cards, Lots of room for l
  • Available for under £50, Retains support for a 5.25in drive, Front-facing USB Type-C, Large side window, Decent cable management, Compact yet can house a 280mm rad
  • Room For Up To Seven 2.5” Drives (Or five 2.5” and two 3.5” drives), Spacious Interior (165mm tall CPU Coolers / 373mm long Graphics Cards / 220mm long PSUs), Room For Up To Two 240/280mm Radiators, Full PSU Area Cover (Shroud), Two PreInstalled 140mm LED
  • Lots of modern features, including two large LED intake fans and USB C ports, for a good price, Large side panel window, Shroud helps hide unsightly power supply and drive bays
  • Cable Routing, Room For Full Size Graphics Card, Two LED 140mm Pre-Installed Fans, Nice Big Window, PSU Shroud, Aesthetically Pleasing
  • PSU Cover (Basement), External 5.25” Drive Bay, LED Fans Included, Two Colors Available, Lots of Modding Options, Large Side Window, Type C Port Included

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Simple implementation of USB Type-C connector, Simple metal-mesh dust filters in top and bottom, Non-removable filter in front, Radiator in ceiling will block external 5.25" bay, Only two SSD trays included, but there are four mounting locations, Not enou
  • Stock fans could be better, Front filter not the easiest to get to
  • Overall Build Quality, No Rear Exhaust Fan, Removable AirFilters (Not Very Easy To Remove & Attach)
  • Storage is limited, Design sometimes complicates building process, Power and reset buttons are stiff and hard to find, Steel-and-plastic case is a little flimsy
  • Dust Filters Feel Cheap, No Rubber Grommets
  • Lighter gauge metal rattles a bit, Funky expansion card retainer