Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality, Very Good Performance, Radiator Thickness (27mm), Noise Levels, Easy Installation, Transparent Pump, White & Black Color Combination
  • Good performance, Unique design, Price, Improved mounting system, Great Fans
  • Unique design, Simple installation, Great fans, Nice included fan splitter
  • Unique “steampunk” style, with coolant flowing through exposed tube, Included Deepcool 120mm fans, are PWM and run from silent to high flow, Includes a Deepcool Gamer Storm PWM splitter for up to Four (4) Fans, The Captain AIO Pump only requires one wire

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No Control Software, Price (For Some)
  • Poor fit and finish, Low quality hardware
  • Poor performance, Fit and finish is sub par, Price is far too high
  • Corrugated metal tubing is in-flexible and dictates location of radiator, Stacked pump fittings do not allow for rotating CPU block for other positions, The Score: