Editors Liked

  • Outstanding Performance, High Build Quality, Whisper Quiet Fan, Easy Installation, Fantastic Packaging and Accessories, 6 Year Warranty/MTBF 150,000 Hours, High PCIe and RAM Compatibility, Amazing thermal compound (NT-H1)
  • High build quality, Future-proofed mounting system, Customizable to suit your system and needs, Great performance
  • Exceptional performance, Very quiet, Good memory and PCIe clearance, Easy to install, Exceptional build quality, Well packaged, Excellent accessories bundle, Six year warranty
  • Extends cooling to other components, Silent operation, Shiny nickel plating
  • Superb Build Quality, Excellent Cooling Performance, LowProfile (115mm/142mm), Zero Clearance Issues, Noise Levels, Bundle, 6 Years Warranty
  • Great Performance, Easy installation, Clearance for large memory modules and PCIExpress cards, Fan can be installed on the top or bottom, Extra fan clips included for a second fan
  • Easy to install, High Quality, Excellent thermal paste included, Excellent component cooling, Height clearences

Editors Didn't Like

  • Extra Fan Is Expensive, Pricey
  • Expansion slot use may be prevented when using this cooler, Weight – it's a heavy cooler!
  • Expensive, Extra NFA14 fan is expensive, Color theme not for everyone
  • Cooling efficiency vs tower-type coolers (single fan)
  • Price (For Some)
  • Fan color may not appeal to eveyone