Reviewers Liked

  • Great performance, Easy installation, They include the screwdriver needed to get it installed, Fan can be mounted on any side, Extra fan clips included, Price
  • Big 120mm fan, Supports most modern sockets, Well-built, Fan is replaceable and easy to mount
  • Amazing performance, Silent work, Simple installation, Reasonable price,  
  • Solid cooling performance, Versatile fanmounting position, Very quiet, Affordable price, Extremely easy to install, Extra fan clips included

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Could run into clearance issues with memory that has large heatspreaders
  • Possible conflicts on some boards, but this is a given with most coolers, especially of this class, This:
  • Size it's simply huge
  • Rather large for the performance it offers, Default configuration overhangs DIMM slots, Warranty is only two years long, Packaging offers very little protection