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By on 60

The GR6 is aimed squarely at the console gamer who wants the extra that a full fat PC will give, you whilst retaining the ease of use a console provides. In part, the GR6 does this with the simple Steam Big Picture mode launcher, albeit you may want to...

By Overclock3D on

It isn't very often that we see a PC which genuinely surprises us in terms of both performance and size. When I first saw the GR6 I genuinely thought it was a Gaming oriented router, not a fully fledged PC which has console killing performance. What...

International Review By on 91

Im Test macht der Asus ROG GR6-R048Z mit einer guten Performance auf sich aufmerksam und erreicht auch insgesamt eine sehr gute Platzierung. Auch die Ausstattung kann ich durchaus sehen lassen. Der Preis für das Gesamtpaket ist allerdings...

International Review By on 82

Mini Gaming PC beenden das alte Vorurteil, das leistungsstarke PC-Hardware viel Platz braucht. Einer der Vertreter der neuesten Generation von Mini PCs ist der Asus ROG GR6, den wir uns im Test genauer anschauen. Der Mini Computer von Asus vereint...

International Review By on 80

The ROG GR6 will satisfy the casual gamer.The ASUS ROG GR6 is a product that defies categorization. Right off the bat, we found it interesting because of its console-like design and exceedingly compact form factor. However, a closer look at the...

International Review By on

Personal computer หรือเรียกกันอย่างย่อๆว่า PC ถ้าพูดถึงคงจะคิดถึงเคสที่เป็นสีเหลี่ยมใหญ่ๆ แต่ทาง ASUS ได้ลบภาพในหัวของ PC Gaming ดังกล่าว ด้วย ASUS ROG G Series ที่มีความเป็นเอกลักษณ์ แล้วก็ออกมาวางจำหน่ายในท้องตลาดหลายปีด้วยกัน...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on

Con la famiglia di prodotti ROG – Republic of Gamer – Asus da tempo intende soddisfare le esigenze e le richieste di chi guarda al PC non tanto come a uno strumento di lavoro o di impiego in mobilità quanto piuttosto a una soluzione destinata al gioco....

International Review By on

ASUS ROG GR6 — компактный игровой компьютер который обладает полным правом называться игровым! Инженеры ASUS ROG смогли воплотить в жизнь мечты многих геймеров которым не нужны стандартные громоздкие ПК и не требуются ультра настройки графики. Нельзя...

International Review By on

All in all, The ASUS GR6 is a gaming desktop that is easy on the space but powerful enough to run today's games. So if you are a gamer who are looking at an easy to store gaming rig with Steam accessibility, you can try the ASUS GR6.(previously...

International Review By on

現在小型主機的效能越來越好而且規格和款式也越來越多,讓喜歡小主機的玩家們有更多的選擇,如果你想要玩遊戲又不想要大主機的話,那麼ASUS Rog GR6是你可以列入考量的產品之一。ASUS Rog GR6體積僅有2.5升,因此外觀真的蠻小的,如果採用直立放置會發現僅向兩本小說的寬度就可以放下它了,很適合小空間的區域使用。ASUS Rog...

International Review By on

Asus 旗下 ROG 桌上型電腦產品線,秉持 ROG 遊戲、電競路線,最近一年內相近推出不同體積產品。當前最小尺寸產品為 ROG GR6,官方強調只有約莫 2.5 公升大小,但是內部不只配備中階獨立顯示晶片,更能裝配 2 個儲存裝置。整體結構以行動平台零組件為基礎,提供一定遊戲效能之餘,也兼具低耗電量與不吵雜等特性。最近兩三年,如 NUC 這樣的 UCFF(Ultra-Compact Form...