Reviewers Liked

  • Custom designed case by CyberPower, The ability to have fullsized components in a small case, Great performance, Easy to setup and no bloatware, The lights are pretty cool
  • Small-form-factor design fits almost anywhere. Powerful components across the board. Category-leading performance in gaming and everything else
  • Compact form factor, Solid gaming performance, Top-notch components, Very customizable at order
  • Small Form Factor, Available in Red or Green, Choice of AMD or Intel Hardware, MiniITX Motherboard, Supports HighEnd Graphics, Quiet Operation, Lighted Chassis, Watercooling Available

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Heat can become an issue for the CPU and GPU
  • Bottom Line, The CyberPower Zeus Mini offers outsized gaming performance in a tiny PC, and this console-sized desktop is also relatively affordable
  • Cramped case, Not easily upgradeable
  • Small chassis not OC friendly, System slides around in the stand, rubber feet needed