Reviewers Liked

  • Stylis, durable desig, Clea, precise audi, Customizable sound profil, Good battery life
  • Nice materials, high quality, Easy to use and setup, Very nice sound, Earprint technology seemingly works, Decent battery life
  • Beautiful headphones with walnut wood paneling and brushed chrome accents, EarPrint customizes the sound to your ears, Comfortable to wear for hours on end, 3,5mm cable included for when your battery dies or you can't go wireless, They sound good when Ear

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • EarPrint can accidentally rese, A tad heavy
  • Not a fan of the circular design, Not a fan of the on-ear design, over-ear would have been better
  • I wish the headphones used USB Type-C rather than microUSB for charging, Headphones' battery level doesn't show on the iPhone's Batteries widget