Editors Liked

  • Thinner than other Alienware gaming laptops, Nice redesign, Many customization options
  • Excellent performance with good Turbo utilization, sophisticated chassis, good input devices, useful tools, comprehensive illumination, long battery runtimes, decent sound, good cooling solution, optional graphics amplifier, matte IPS panel, very fast Wi
  • Very good gaming performance for 1080p gaming, Very good build quality with good hinges robustness, IPS display with good viewing angles and high enough contrast and brightness (but colors aren't great and brightness could be higher), Thunderbolt 3 USBC i

Editors Didn't Like

  • No per-key backlighting
  • Display way too dark, low color space coverage, loud under load, GPU throttling in extreme situations, slightly complicated maintenance, no SSD or hybrid hard drive by default
  • Soldered GPU and CPU. No replacement (but, really, eGPU will be nicer), Hard maintenance, opening the laptop fully is not easy, Screen quality in terms of color coverage is strangely mediocre, unlike the previous generation Alienware 15's display. I think