Reviewers Liked

  • Good performance, Excellent keyboard, touch pad, Innovative touch screen, Fun bundled music application, Strong battery life
  • Bright & contrast rich display with a large color spectrum, Large & pleasant touchpad, Cleverly arranged ports, Excellent battery life, High quality workmanship, Very good sound system, Keyboard illumination, Graphics switching, Great performance, Prima L
  • Sandy Bridge Quad-core processor. 1080p resolution. Skype-certified HD webcam. Nvidia GeForce GT 540M is a nice boost in graphics power. Great keyboard. Backlit option. Soft mouse buttons. HDMI and Displayport. Long list of processor options. Huge battery, excellent battery life
  • Dell's new XPS 15 offers a high-resolution screen and excellent JBL speakers. Intel's new Core i-series CPUs and Nvidia graphics are standard, but there are also plenty of configuration options
  • Beautiful, sharp HD Screen, Best-in-class audio, Blazing fast performance, Intel WiDi 2.0, Runs cool
  • Fast processor and graphics card, Good battery life, Comfortable backlit keyboard
  • Good Graphics Performance, Excellent Application Performance, Good Placement of Ports, Comfortable Keyboard, Precise Touchpad, Bright Screen with Broad Color Space, Supports 3D Video for 3D-Capable External Monitor/TV
  • The new Dell XPS 15 has an appealing minimalist design, solid construction, and powerful components

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Glossy touch screen is prone to fingerprints, Loud fan, Screen is low-res for size
  • Somewhat high temperature & noise development during load, Spongy keyboard, Reflective display
  • Thick and clunky. A fully loaded configuration can be pricey
  • The extremely bulky, uninspired design of the XPS 15 doesn't suit its price, and though the battery life is very good, it's not as great as Apple's MacBook Pro. Some configuration options feel like they should have been included for free
  • Bulky chassis, Keys somewhat stiff, Needs large battery for decent endurance
  • Difficult to upgrade, Bland design
  • Loud and Hot Under Heavy Use, Short Battery Life Under Heavy Use, Reflective Screen
  • There are only a handful of preconfigured builds available, and the more powerful options get very expensive. It's also too heavy for regular commuting
  • Thick and heavy. The 6-cell battery alone won't cut it