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A tad expensive, but Dell's mighty XPS is a powerful laptop with great battery life and a generous range of features....

By PC Authority on

Certainly, the 15z’s base pricing of £899 appeals, particularly for those who prefer Windows or are OS-indifferent. It’s also easily portable at 2.5kg, despite packing in enough top-end components to make it a machine you could use without...

By on

The Dell XPS 15 L502X P11F is a well-balanced desktop replacement laptop that will happily deal with everyday tasks and keep the family entertained. However, we can't help thinking that the touchscreen isn't necessary and when you consider it adds...

By on

Equipped with second-gen Intel Core i-series CPUs and improved Nvidia graphics, the new Dell XPS 15 performs even better than its predecessor, although it's still just as bulky. Also, keep in mind that the XPS 15 ranges greatly in price, from $799 up to...

By CNET Australia on

By adding Sandy Bridge to an already fine laptop, Dell has created an entertainment tour-de-force with the Dell XPS 15. Read our review....

By PC Authority on

Overall, the Dell XPS 15 L502X does a very good job with multimedia, and a fair to middling one with everything else. Its size and battery life preclude serious consideration by airport denizens, but if you're a general user who also likes to play a...

By on

Late last year, we finally got a laptop with very few compromises that we could look to as the king of the mainstream market. That laptop was Dell’s XPS 15 L501x; it took a balanced approach to performance, battery life, and portability, with a...

By AnandTech on

O Dell XPS 15 é um notebook potente. Longe de ser ultraportátil, o laptop de 15 polegadas é espesso (38,2 mm na parte mais espessa, 32 mm na mais fina), e alguns o consideram pesado (2,78 kg na configuração com bateria de 6 células). Seu grande trunfo,...

International Review By on

Lors de notre demande à Dell, nous avions précisé que nous désirions des portables polyvalents, capables notamment de suivre un étudiant dans ses transports. Difficile de croire que ces derniers voudront s'encombrer d'un modèle qui fait plus de 3 Kg et...

International Review By Clubic on

Avec sa dalle Full HD, son lecteur Blu-ray et ses composants puissants, le XPS 15 est parfaitement à son aise dans une utilisation multimédia. Les promesses sont tenues...

International Review By Les Numériques on

Vendu 949 euros, ce Dell XPS 15 est enregistré sous la référence DMFR5-N00X5M59 (à inscrire dans le moteur de recherche) sur le site de la marque. Dell propose une machine 15,6 pouces compétitive proposant bon nombre d’équipements de série et,...

International Review By 01Net on