Reviewers Liked

  • Sleek, lightweight design, Great graphics and overall performance, Swift transfer speeds
  • Excellent gaming performance, Comfortable keyboard and touchpad, Vivid 4K display, Thin and light design, High quality MultiCam camouflage finish
  • DDR4, HDMI 2.0, NVMe SSD, USB Type-C Gen. 2, high quality matte panel with accurate colors; high sRGB coverage, strong performance under stress; no throttling, improved matte touchpad with better gliding, RAID support (after BIOS update), Nvidia Optimus
  • Camo design has a certain appeal, Quad-core Intel Skylake CPU, Sleek for a gaming laptop, Decent keyboard and trackpad, Ultra-high-resolution 4K display, Fast NVMe PCIe storage

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lackluster audio quality, Jumpy cursor, Below-average battery life
  • Chassis gets blistering hot while gaming, Very loud fans, Display lacks Nvidia GSync support, Pricey
  • High power consumption even when idling or in Sleep mode, PWM utilization at very low brightness settings, fewer HDMI and USB Type-A ports than X5, loud fan noise when idling and gaming, high core and surface temperatures, inconsistent touchpad performan
  • Heat and noise can be bothersome, Needs a next-gen GPU to shine, Steep £2,200 price tag, Poor battery life