Editors Liked

  • Build quality, Dimensions, Gaming performance, Price
  • Well built chassis, Understated designs makes it a perfect fit for the office, Excellent Performance, Lightweight
  • Extremely powerful considering the small form factor, Very thin and lightweight for a highend gaming notebook, Excellent gaming performance, High quality 1080p IPS matte display, Easy maintenance and accessibility, mSATA 2.5inch SATA III storage, Upscale

Editors Didn't Like

  • Noise under load, Peak performance consistency
  • Sup par audio, Limited configuration options, Heating issues and GPU Throttling
  • Loud fan noise, Potential throttling issues when gaming, High surface temperatures, No dedicated macro keys, Cannot configure CPU or GPU, No QHD or 120/144 Hz display options, No RAID support, CPU and GPU not upgradeable, Reduced performance on batteries,