Reviewers Liked

  • Good built quality, Light and compact, The screen doesn't use PWM across all brightness levels, Silent work, Good wireless range, Good viewing angles, 2.5″ slot + M.2 slot for internal storage
  • Low Price, Nice looking design, Battery life as advertised
  • Attractive design, pleasant keyboard, light and compact chassis, fanless and noiseless operation, all USB ports are rated at 3.0 speeds
  • Decent Enough Battery Life, Sturdy Plastic Frame, Price, Ports
  • Well-built and sleek chassis, USB Type-C port, all USB ports support USB 3.0, great performance for its class, excellent keyboard and good touchpad, silent operation with no coil whine, good power efficiency, adequate battery life
  • Low, low price, USB-C and HDMI ports
  • Affordable price, Comparatively bright display, All-day battery life, Good performance for its price
  • Stylish design, USB Type-C charging, Solid performance
  • Affordable, Decent port selection, Keyboard and touchpad are great, Storage expandable with microSD

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The display covers only 54% of sRGB/ITU-R BT.709, Low-end CPU, Small amount of RAM
  • Slow performance, Typical laptop speakers, Celeron processor isn't the best
  • Non-existent maintenance options, weak CPU performance, 2 GB of RAM is extremely limited and cripples system performance, very limited and slow storage
  • Poor Multitasking, 0.3-megapixel Video Camera, A sturdy Windows 10 laptop for only basic needs, the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S (11”) is great a PC for just $179.99
  • Lackluster screen, performance is still slow for everyday tasks, abysmal gaming performance, keyboard lacks a backlight, very limited storage space, no components can be repaired or upgraded
  • Only 2GB of memory, Narrow viewing angles, Test unit wouldn't take micro SD cards
  • Dull, lifeless screen, Weak audio
  • Flexy body, Washed-out screen, Poor webcam
  • Lowresolution TN display, Small internal storage, Webcam is bad