Editors Liked

  • Premium design despite low cost, Crisp display and solid keyboard, Fast-charging support and USB-C, Flexibility of a Yoga laptop, Fingerprint sensor and webcam shutter
  • Great design, Good battery life, Affordable starting price, Decent performance, Quiet fan under heavier workloads
  • Solid build, good selection of ports, responsive touch screen, reasonably quiet when under load
  • Good CPU performance, reasonably fast NVMe SSD, above average GPU performance for its class, active stylus is an option, strong wireless network connection speeds
  • Speedy performance, Nvidia graphics, Attractive minimalist design, Snappy keyboard
  • Keyboard and touchpad are stellar, Great performance, Premium design and solid build, Decent selection of ports

Editors Didn't Like

  • It's a bit heavy for commuters, Screen is a bit dim at 250 nits, Doesn't use USB-C charger
  • Slow boot up times, Display can be a little too dim, Trackpad takes a bit of getting used to, Sound a bit on the quiet end
  • Processor sleep issues, dim screen, shallow keyboard
  • Casing stability suffers due to primarily plastic construction, lackluster keyboard quality, glossy display with subpar brightness, pwm in use at lower brightness settings, weak speakers with low volume
  • Short battery life, Dim display
  • Costs were cut on the display, A bit heavy for a tablet, Battery won't last through a workday