Editors Liked

  • Outstanding touch display, Solid quality, Good keyboard, Good speakers, Decent battery life, Quiet cooling
  • Quality, 17inch touchscreen, Strong battery life, Classy design
  • Large 17-inch touch display. JBL speakers and subwoofer provide good sound. Comfortable keyboard. Solid performance in gaming and productivity alike
  • Beautiful, vibrant display. Goodenough gaming performance on medium graphics settings. Relatively thin and light for a laptop its size. Above average audio
  • Great value, Attractive aluminum and softtouch design, Gorgeous 1080p touch screen, Rich audio quality, Comfortable keyboard
  • Attractive brushed aluminum and rubberized matte surfaces, Very good CPU and GPU performance, No GPU throttling, Bright and large IPS touchscreen, Great contrast with accurate colors, Good sound from stereo speakers and subwoofer, Upgradeable RAM and HDD,

Editors Didn't Like

  • Slow hard drive, Average gaming performance
  • No highend GPU option, More USB ports would be helpful
  • Keyboard could be spread out a bit more. Battery life falls a bit short
  • The lack of an SSD takes a big toll on performance and at this price it's a major letdown. Could use an extra USB port. No hardware customization options at the time of purchase so you're stuck with the GTX 860M
  • Only two USB 3.0 ports, Performance can't match considerably more expensive rigs
  • Reduced CPU and GPU performance on battery power, CPU Turbo Boost is shortlived, Limited number of ports, No GPU options outside of the GTX 860M, Surfaces are difficulttoclean fingerprint magnets, Creaking on the rear of the unit, Slow system performance