Reviewers Liked

  • Solid performance, Plentiful storage, Features USB-C with Thunderbolt 3
  • Great performance from the Skylake CPU and GTX 970M. Better than expected brushed metal build. Thunderbolt 3, Killer networking, and a SteelSeries keyboard are decent inclusions
  • Crazy fast for a 14", 3.75 lb. laptop, can game with the big boys. Nice matte IPS display, very good internals and specs. MSI includes 2 year warranty in the US rather than the industry standard 1 year
  • Enormous performance for the size, great display (after calibration), fast combination of SSD and HDD, good port equipment, decent battery runtime
  • Very good 3D performance with an I7 and GTX 970M, Compact and light at around 1.6kg, Very comfortable keyboard, in my opinion, with very good feedback, respond and travel depth and sufficient resistance, Cooling system keeps the CPU and GPU temps at reaso
  • Excellent gaming performance, Beautiful thin-and-light design, Very good keyboard feedback for a laptop this size, High-quality IPS display, Dual-drive storage

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Latest games will challenge high-end graphics capabilities, Unsatisfying keyboard
  • Another bad ELAN trackpad. More expensive than Gigabyte's competing laptop. Not the greatest of cooling solutions
  • Battery life not great, fans are loud, bottom gets toasty
  • Chassis is not very sturdy, spongy keyboard, power adapter insufficient, pulsating fan behavior
  • Some throttling under highest load of Furmark Prime95, but not in Crysis 3, Only 2xUSB ports including the TB3 port, Speakers can barely make you feel anything inside, Chassis could get quite hot in hot environment (summer), Power consumption for browsing
  • Cooling fans loud at times, speakers a bit too quiet, Keyboard-layout quibbles, Battery life won't match that of an ultrabook