Editors Liked

  • Comfortable design with leatherette grips,Decent gaming performance,Qi compatible,Can be used in wired mode
  • Qi wireless charging, allowing for charging using 3rd party bases and more, Very well designed and built, feeling solid and comfortable in the hand and inuse, It works perfectly, never hitching, stuttering or dropping, Great battery life
  • Very Good Build Quality, Excellent Grip, PMW3389 Optical Sensor (16000 DPI / 450 IPS / 50G), OMRON Switches (Primary Buttons / 50 million clicks), 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity, Battery Life (Up To 50 Hours), Qi Wireless Charging (Requires Extra Charger),
  • Very comfortable, Can be used wired or wirelessly, Just the right number of buttons for FPS gamers, Great sensor and switches, NGenuity software
  • Standard design, Smooth game play, Effortless charging

Editors Didn't Like

  • On the pricey side at regular price,For best results, needs to be less than 20cm away from USB receiver
  • Massive price discrepancy in the UK compared to US and EU, The software (NGenuity) can be best described as "What went wrong here?", HyperX charging base not included as standard
  • Price (For Some), Right Handed Model
  • Input lag when we did not have the RF receiver in the extneder, NGenuity software only detects the mouse when in wired mode, Pics up fingerprints pretty easily
  • Fix NGenuity and get it out of beta