Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality (Aluminum Body), Blazing Fast Laser Sensor (Up To 16000DPI Via Software Overdrive), 5.8GHz Wireless & Wired, Battery Life (Up To 14 Hours), Height/Angle Adjustable, RGB Illumination ( 2 Zones), 6 Fully Programmable Buttons, Extension Cable,
  • On-the-fly profile swapping, Wireless performance, Customizable chassis, Build quality, Fair price tag, Simple-to-use software
  • Attractive soft-touch and aluminum design. Height and tilt is adjustable. Excellent wired and wireless performance. Robust customization in software
  • More comfortable than the original Level 10 M, Hybrid design (wired and wireless), 5 different gaming profiles, Aluminum design, Ability to adjust the mouse up / down and right / left, Quality built
  • Great build quality and performance, adjustable palm rest, programmable keys, wired/wireless operations

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Current Availability, Laser Sensor Accuracy At Overdrive
  • Heavy, Relatively large size, Mouse button 5 might be hard to reach for some, Not the best looking mouse out there, Final Words, The Level 10M Hybrid Advanced won't be for everyone, with it's relatively large size and heavy weight, but thanks to the adj
  • Too easy to hit left-side buttons by mistake. Weight isn't adjustable. Non-removable battery
  • “A” button on the left side of the mouse is hard to press
  • Left side buttons in awkward position