Reviewers Liked

  • Nearly all of the customization options you could want or need. A truly crazy number of customizable buttons. This mouse is exceptionally comfortable to hold and use
  • Good design, A lot of customizable buttons, Responsive
  • Obscene number of customizable buttons, Manufacturer's warranty, Highquality sensor, – The price is affordable price
  • Plenty of options for customizing buttons, Double click button, Comfortable with good grip, Lots of color choices, Accurate tracking, Seems well made overall, Adjustable weights, Inexpensive compared to similar mice, Simple to use software

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • A few of the side custom buttons are a bit more difficult to hit during fast gameplay if you have bigger hands
  • Not really comfortable, Too many plastic parts
  • A steeper learning curve, The style of this mouse may not be for everybody, Cheaper plastic materials
  • Profile button on bottom not easily accessible