Editors Liked

  • Solid performance, New improved CPU socket, Audio solution based on Creative Sound Core 3D chip, True x16 PCIExpress slot (direct connection with CPU), Lights on the PCH heatsink, PCB isolation, and rear I/O, Killer E2200 networking, Perfect spacing for m
  • Stock performance, Overclocking potential, Board aesthetics, Illuminated rear panel shield, Board cooling and heat pipe design / layout, CPU socket layout and spacing, UEFI BIOS design and usability, CMOS battery placement, Quality of integrated Creative
  • CPU Switch adds use of 2083 CPU pins for added overclocking stability, Creative Sound Core3D Audio with gain boost and upgradable Op Amp Chip, Gigabyte's patented Dual Bios can save you from your overclocking failures, 30µ Gold plated CPU Socket, RAM and

Editors Didn't Like

  • WiFi modules not included, Overclocking wasn't what we had expected, No onboard buttons or test points, 6 Phase VRM?, OC Socket, New UEFI is painfully slow
  • No power or reset buttons on the board, M.2 slot is only a 10 Gb/s slot, BIOS could still use some work
  • Complexities encountered with dialin of base overclock, Odd ATX12V power connector implementation requiring 1to3 power adapter
  • Dual M.2 Slots don't support using Two (2) M.2 SSDs together or RAID, 3way and 4way GPU require use of Intel Extreme CPU with 40 PCI-E Lanes, No USB 3.1 support (Both MSI and Asus X99 Mobos are sporting USB 3.1), Gigabyte's AutoTune App feature seems to s