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By New Game Network on 70

A Story About My Uncle has a lot to improve upon but the core gameplay is so fun that it's easy to look past a lot of its flaws. I would love to see add-ons and new challenges. I don't need more story, just let me get back in that Adventure Suit and...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

ASAMU’s platforming is some of the most challenging you’ll experience, and some of the most enjoyable too. It’s tough, but not Kaizo Mario-level - it’s fair and just requires trial and error to succeed. With a price point of only $15, A Story About My Uncle is a must-own for anyone who loves games that make them think and can appreciate a good platforming challenge as well.

By PCGamer on 78

A Story About My Uncle is fast, fuid and fun. As a story it successfully springboards off traditional adventure fantasy and vaults off elsewhere. The two converge into a unique platformer with real heart.

By PC Gamer on 78

Fast, fluid and fun first-person platforming tied together with a warm narrative. Pace slows near the end,...

By wccftech.com on 94

This year has been a great one for the small studios with big ideas and even bigger talent. Sitting down, looking at my ever-growing Steam library, I am constantly reminded that, more and more, the experiences had with the titles from the twenty man (if...

International Review By ua.gecid.com on

Название: A Story About My Uncle Жанр: Action / Arcade Разработчик: Gone North Games Издатель: Coffee Stain Studios Дата выхода: 28 мая 2014 годаДебютное творение студии Gone North Games в пяти небольших главах рассказывает историю путешествия...

International Review By nrsgamers.it on

Un platform curato, piacevole, e che si basa su un gameplay capace di regalare una buona sfida. A Story About My Uncle abbina queste caratteristiche a un comparto narrativo che, specie verso il finale, riesce a assumere un certo spessore. Un acquisto...

International Review By itc.ua on

Игра, по динамике паркура превосходящая Mirror's Edge, по повествовательной манере напоминающая Gone Home, а по настроению похожая на Dear Esther. Все это о необычном платформере A Story About My Uncle от стокгольмской студии Gone North Games.Жанр...