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By on 75

I'm a big fan of games that whisk you off to a fictional world to give you a break from the stress of real life. Sometimes it's a big, beautiful environment like Hyrule that you take your time to explore, but other times it's a brutal hellscape in which...

By on 65

Discover a forgotten industrial world where strict and rules and harsh punishments tore the fabric of humanity itself. What will you do to survive? Experience the alienation of a post-industrial era in a thrilling, atmospheric sidescroller; a strange...

By EuroGamer on 70

I don't think that's just down to Sand Sailor's lesser artistry. As surreal and creepy as Inside is, the fear it summons is an abstract and universal one - fear of the loss of self. It's something we can all feel and share. Black the Fall, though, isn't about your pain, it's about theirs. It's not here to look into your soul, it's here to bear witness.

By GameInformer on 60

The word I would best use to describe Black The Fall is perfunctory. It mostly functions, but has no highs outside of the opening. It offers no narrative incentive to deal with its onslaught of boring and outright bad puzzles. I rarely finish games that make me wish I could have the time I spent with them back; Black The Fall is an unfortunate exception.

By VideoGamer on 50

The problem with making a game that's easily comparable to Inside — in terms of the look, the mechanics and some of the themes — that comes out now is that Inside itself only came out a year ago, received praise from everywhere, and became hugely...

By WCCFTech on 65

Black The Fall is an atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer, and although it creates an interesting tone, the game itself can't quite hold up against the titans of the...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Black The Fall isn’t exactly revolutionary when it comes to the world of atmospheric platformers, but it still excels in what it sets out to do. It paints a frightening image of a land deep in the grip of Communism back in the day, but never sacrifices enjoyment in order to get its message out.

By New Game Network on 76

While most players will likely see where its influences lay, the dystopian world of Black The Fall succeeds on many occasions in creating a distinctly disquieting atmosphere, while a trial-and-error-based puzzle design offers just enough interactivity...

International Review By on 55

Graphiquement, le jeu m'a tout de suite séduit et j'ai voulu en savoir plus à son propos. Une fois la bande annonce visionnée, je me suis dit que Black The Fall allait être une course permanente pour la liberté. Hé bien pas vraiment, c'est beaucoup...

By on 65

Though Black deserves credit for adding new puzzle mechanics along the way, it could've easily seen its 6-8 hour runtime chopped in half and still gotten its message across. That entire time I found myself wondering if, like Inside, Black would have...

By on 95

This will mark the second time that the Square Enix Collective has surprised me with a title that seemingly came from no where. I was first blown away by the amazing experience that was The Turing Test last year, and now they have done it again with the...

International Review By on

2D-Plattformer im Stil von Limbo und Inside mit mehr Jump-and-Run-Passagen, Gadgets und einer apokalyptischen Sowjetunion als...

International Review By on

Einprägsamer, jedoch kurzer Ausflug in eine bedrückende DystopieBlack The Fall ist ein absolut einprägsames Spiel mit einer fantastischen Atmosphäre und einem äußerst bedrückenden, aber auch aufrüttelnden Szenario. Teilweise zu verbissen in dem Versuch,...