Reviewers Liked

  • Satisfying combat, visceral aesthetics, challenging gameplay
  • Gorgeous 2D animation, Interesting character design
  • Stunning art direction and animation style, A haunting, intriguing story and setting that offers a lot of interesting lore, Fun boss fights that show off the best of the game's combat and platforming mechanics
  • Outstanding combat, A great collection of enemies, including some very memorable bosses, Excellent visuals and audio, Huge world with a lot to see, collect and fight, Excellent worldbuilding in the collectables and skills you collect

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Not much in the way of a narrative, occasionally finicky platforming
  • Shallow combat, Repetitive encounters
  • Repetitive gameplay that doesn't evolve much after the opening hours, Tedious exploration that has far too many moments of instant death
  • However, what is this story?, The map is very difficult to navigate, It can have nearimpossible bottlenecks due to positioning of monsters in platforming areas