Reviewers Liked

  • Setting it in the Portal universe helps immensely, Fun gameplay that is more compelling than ever before
  • GLaDOS (and Ellen McLain!), Solid learning curve, Some interesting challenges
  • Smooth introduction easily explains the basics
  • Bridge building with portals works, Competitively priced, Challenging
  • Portal, Has portals, Nostalgia
  • Great use of Portal license, Progressively challenging puzzles, Truly openended solutions, Lots of replay potential
  • Bridges and portals work well together, Building mechanics are easy to grasp, Portal concept is as brilliant as ever, Can solve puzzles your way, Plenty of content

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • It's still Bridge Constructor. Your mileage may vary
  • Occasional glitches, Poor editing tool, Portal tiein is halfbaked, Repetitive toward end
  • Most challenges stem from performing miniscule tweaks, Poor editing tool means you have to wait too long to test small tweaks, Story does little more than make obvious references to previous games, Bland visual design, Game-breaking bug killed my progress
  • Comedy feels a little too forced at times
  • Limited gameplay, Humor is a hit and miss
  • No scoring or leaderboards, No way to save solutions/replays
  • Writing is smirkworthy at best, Physics can be finicky, It's not Portal 3