Reviewers Liked

  • Environments are gorgeous and spooky, The little ways in which Pierce's stats affect his investigation, Well written, good voice acting
  • Memorable characters, Beautifully executed atmospheric tension, Variety of possible ways to achieve various goals, Highly enjoyable storytelling
  • Enjoyably spooky story is suspenseful and has some good twists, One particularly great puzzle sequence is tense and unsettling
  • Great atmosphere, Nice mechanics, Some interesting puzzles and investigation tools, Neat sanity effects
  • Fantastic story, Excellent gameplay, A bonechilling atmosphere

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Anything not strictly about finding clues or interviewing people, Autosaving isn't consistent, Cutscenes and human characters generally look rough
  • Some minor clipping and glitching issues, Facial animations/lips off at times, Stealth section can be tricky at times
  • A couple of truly awful action sequences are frustrating, Too much rote clicking on hotspots becomes tedious, Loads of spelling mistakes tarnish the game's writing
  • Some iffy visuals, Some performance issues
  • Average visuals, Odd performance issues