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By GameZone on 50

All in all, Coffin Dodgers is a decent Kart Racer that leans on its premise to make itself stand out. It's hard to imagine this game having a long term following, but it's good for a quick laugh or two with friends. The game doesn't take itself too...

By New Game Network on 36

In an effort to homage the kart-racing classics of the 32-bit era, Coffin Dodgers merely layers unattractive visuals atop an antiquated control scheme and generic world design. If you're yearning to relive your childhood through the goofs of a solid...

By on

Milky TeaDeveloped by Milky Tea Studios, Coffin Dodgers is the PlayStation 4's latest kart racing game.Originally released on Steam last year, it's as basic and simplistic racer with an interesting story premise. The game itself follows the tale of...

International Review By on 23

In general, a good game does not always need to have the best settings and features, but it should at least be of decent quality. This assumption is subjective, but if you're looking for a case study, Coffin Dodgers is a good example.For a start, the...

International Review By on 60

Wer nicht in den Genuss von Mario Kart kommt, aber mal wieder Bock auf einen kurzweiligen Fun-Racer hat, der kann recht bedenkenfrei zu Coffin Dodgers greifen, zumal das Spiel für einen schmalen Taler zum Download bereit steht. Einen AAA-Titel erwartet...

International Review By on 30

Ah, qu'est ce que l'on a aimé passer de bons moments seuls ou entre amis sur Mario Kart ou Crash Team Racing ! Et l'on aimerait bien que de nouvelles licences de ce genre viennent sur PC et consoles ! C'est le cas de Coffin Dodgers, un jeu de courses...

International Review By on 50

Forhistorien til Coffin Dodgers er ganske underholdende og tager ikke sig selv seriøs på nogen måde. En gruppe pensionister har fået døden på nakken, da han mener det er ved at være tiden til, at han tager dem med. De aldrende medborgere er dog ikke...