Editors Liked

  • Incredible art design that's as authentic as it is horrifying, Sophisticated survival mechanics that can be learned easily, Uncanny atmosphere that offers a different kind of horror, A world that's alive with aloof characters and strange relics of a bygon
  • Effectively foreboding at first, Solid core survival structure, Surprisingly fleshedout characters and story, Tons of replay if you're willing to stick it out
  • Intelligent, subtle story and characters, Unique isometric perspective, Genuinely upsetting art direction and sound design, Nighttime survival mechanics the real highlight

Editors Didn't Like

  • Some minor bugs that became a slight nuisance to deal with
  • Can't maintain the creepy atmosphere, Doesn't explain basic mechanics, Clunky controls and combat, Difficulty settings are either too hard or too easy
  • Balance issues