Dreamfall Chapters: Book One




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By GameSpot on 70

Eight years is a long time to wait for answers, and the opening scenes of Dreamfall Chapters understand as much, providing a tearful gut-punch that is as much of a conclusion as it is an introduction. This is the universe that has occupied my thoughts...

By ztgd.com on

I've had a rather tumultuous past when it comes to adventure games.On one hand, I love stories with intriguing plots and multi-dimensional characters. On the other, I absolutely despise the very nature of classic adventure games; pixel hunting for key...

By PCWorld on

I completely understand if you wait until all five pieces of Dreamfall: Chapters are released. There are some bugs Red Thread needs to figure out (specifically in regards to performance and optimization) and I imagine it's hard to sell you on an initial chapter where literally nothing seems to happen if you're not already a fan.

By EuroGamer on

I'm glad that we no longer give scores to each chapter of an episodic game, because right now Dreamfall Chapters has problems. They are, however, mostly problems of the sort that would barely register in the opening hours of a complete game, and will hopefully disappear over time as the story deepens and the gameplay evolves.

International Review By benchmark.pl on 80

Ragnar Tørnquist to człowiek okrutny. W 2006 roku zakończył „Dreamfall” w sposób zupełnie niejasny, a pozostawiwszy tak ogromny niedosyt na kontynuację gry kazał nam czekać aż 8 lat! Doskonale pamiętam, jak wyszarpywałam z sieci strzępki informacji o...

International Review By pcmrace.com on 78

Ocho años han pasado desde que Zoë Castillo expuso los maquiavélicos planes de WatiCorp y quedara atrapada en el plano de los sueños, comunmente llamado Story Time (Hora de cuento) por los ciudadanos -y adictos a las Maquinas de los Sueños- del mundo de...

International Review By gamestar.de on 77

Patrick Mittler: Die Krux des Episodenformats schlägt bei mir durch: Ich habe keine Ahnung wie weitreichend die Konsequenzen meiner Entscheidungen werden. Ich weiß nicht, auf welche Spielelemente der Fokus liegen wird (Item-Rätsel? Zoës Kräfte?). Ich...

International Review By eurogamer.de on

Große Unentschlossenheit. Der Auftakt zum Dreamfall-Kickstarter kann allein nicht überzeugen. Aber er gibt Hoffnung für das, was noch...

International Review By gameit.es on

Have you ever had a dream so real… you are not sure if you are awake or still dreaming?Cuando se analiza un juego de estas características, es muy probable caer en la tentación de los nocivos prejuicios y estereotipos marcados, las suposiciones que...