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Imagine, if you will, a platformer that takes the shadowy graphics of Limbo or those cool Donkey Kong Country Returns levels and combines it with creepy wildlife reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are or Critters. What you just pictured is probably a...

By CGM on

FEIST is at first glance very reminiscent of Limbo , checking all the boxes in terms of its dark visuals, lonely atmosphere, eerie music -- it even has the same creepy, hanging crates and doom spiders. Despite the similarities it's a much more fast...

By Destructoid on

Feist is, at best, uneven. It is presented with rarefied beauty. In parts, it displays admirable creativity — twists and turns that I'd love to see other games learn from. But as a whole, it lacks cohesion. It is built on masochism but lacks the attendant pleasure that's supposed to follow in pain's wake.

By Polygon on

Feist isn't the first 2D platformer to handle unscripted physics-focused skirmishes well, but there's a purity of vision in its savage scenarios. Like the similarly brief Hotline Miami, Feist is one of those delectable morsels of a game that remains just as entertaining to revisit as it is the first time around.

By EuroGamer on

Un design incantevole e meccaniche piuttosto originali sapranno far felice chi cerca un prodotto atipico, in cui immergersi per un pomeriggio, nella migliore delle ipotesi. Feist è breve, sarebbe stupido negarlo, ma la qualità c'è e, anche se non siamo...

International Review By nrsgamers.it on

Sieht aus wie Limbo, spielt sich aber deutlich gehetzter. Wer hier nicht aufpasst, wird schnell zum Opfer tödlicher...

International Review By eurogamer.de on